March 9, 2010

Music Video Mania

LONE RAGER - "Metal RAPsody"

I would like to kick off this video jam, with one that dares you to make it through the entire song. A song intended to make a case for the movement of independent label metal bands onto the major labels, by showing metal lineage through rock history, AND the diversification of the scene. Brutally unlistenable. Instead of taking the most obvious path, The "Lone Rager" was recorded as a metalized rap song. The first Rap/Metal crossover? To relieve the listener from this tedious master of ceremonies, we refrain to the off-tune chorus of robotic chanting children, repeating their evil slogan.

TOXIC HOLOCAUST - "Nuke the Cross"

In the vein of K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid!) Not unlike the alchemists of yore, Toxic Holocaust pick and choose choice style elements for their cauldron of metal. It amazes me that I am so old, that this type of music is considered retro.

HEAVY LOAD - "Daybreak Ecstasy"

I don't know anything about Heavy Load. I probably dismissed them due to their annoyingly unscary logo. This song is really some tough metal, after you make it through the many guitar, bass and drum solos. You know I'll be hopping on eBay later to bid on a couple of raccoon tails!

AXEGRINDER - "Rise of the Serpent Men"

Weird song! Starts off like a poppy kind of art rock song for the first minute and a half. Not very Axegrinderish, I'm thinking. The song develops into reverb laden thrash that actually gets quite intense. The band simply falls apart several times, which is unsettling. At some point I actual feared that these "serpent men" were a legitimate threat!

JUDAS PRIEST - "Victim of Changes"

I dare you not to bang you head, poser! I WILL RIP IT OFF!

MAYHEM - "Freezing Moon" (Sims 2)

I'm not too up on the video games very much lately, or black metal either for that matter! I guess that they are now joined together. I know that Mayhem is a black metal band. I know that Sims is a video game where you walk around and interact with other nerds, and computer geeks. I guess you pay "credits" to see the virtual Mayhem? I find this more interesting than the real band somehow.

RAZOR - "Shotgun Justice"

The singer smiling throughout this video really upsets me on a primal level. Filmed in part through the moonroof of a Datsun Nissan Pulsar NX. The epic moment of "This is how a scumbag dies!" alone, makes this video worth watching at least once.

Samson - Biceps of Steel

A true metal mini-movie. Samson's roadie "Thunderstick" saves the day with his Herculean strength. I think I spot a few of those legendary home-made guitars that were a topic of this post. I like how the drummer is totally insane and has to be caged. Not unlike Raven's drummer Whacko or The Muppets drummer Animal.

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