February 16, 2010

Hellhammer's Revenge! The Necromantical Worship bands!


"Warhammer are an extremely fanatic tribute-band to Hellhammer. In interviews they often talked about how they spent years to gather the proper equipment to resemble the production (guitar tone, bass tone, drum sound etc.) as perfectly as possible, and - despite the albums' popularity - they often disown their earlier material for not sounding similar enough to Hellhammer." - from


Apokalyptic Raids / Apocalyptic Raids

"APOKALYPTIC RAIDS became a reality in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1998, to play the heavy and fast, obscure yet greatly produced, simple but hard to reproduce SPEED BLACK DEATH METAL sound of HELLHAMMER and the other VENOM's followers."



"I can say that raw feelings make a good sound. Because we are not machine. We could shed blood, could vomit and have feeling of hate. ... I wanted to express the mental instability and mental cruelty which a girl has. Now we are holding up pride, hate and life in the front. We are not wearing that dress." - Vivian Slaughter - from


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