September 4, 2011

There is NO CURE for the Heavy Metal Fever, Posers!


The World's WORST Record Store Owners

Motörhead Porcelain Travel Mug - "Something for The Road Crew! Motörhead Porcelain Travel Mug holds 16oz of your hot or cold beverage! Microwave and Dishwasher safe with a silicone lid and stopper. This mug can also withstand temperatures up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit!" Price: $24.99 (!!!!!!!)

YouTube - Saturnalia Temple @ Klubb Valross - Sundbyberg - Aug 28, 2010

Saturnalia Temple: Interview with Tommie Eriksson - February 6, 2010

Jean Delville - Parsifal 1890 & Hawkwind - Space Ritual 1973 Artwork on Flickr

Lemmy's Original Bass Rebuild - Lemmy Nerdfest!

10 Reasons Metalheads and Hippies are the Same

Lil Wayne vs. Black Sabbath - Cringe-worthy "Mash-Up"

Black Sabbath Coffin Cake

Black Sabbath Motorcycle Club (Founded 1974)

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