August 8, 2011

Metal at the Movies: The Riverbottom Nightmare Band, AKA "The Nightmare"

The Riverbottom Nightmare Band, also known as "The Nightmare," is the last-minute addition to the talent show in Emmet Otter's Jug-Band Christmas.

The Riverbottom Nightmare Band's repertoire includes the self-referential "Riverbottom Nightmare Band".

When not performing on stage, the band members enjoy breaking traffic laws, riding their snowmobiles, and destroying merchandise.

From : Riverbottom Nightmare Band on MuppetWiki

The band members include:

Chuck Stoat on keyboards (performed by Frank Oz)
Chuck is the stoat gang leader of the Riverbottom Gang and is the keyboard player. He often says he's hungry to scare his friends into doing whatever he wants them to do. He is a very intimidating character and everyone is afraid of him.

Pop-eyed Catfish (performed by Dave Goelz)
Pop-eyed Catfish does backing vocals for the band and swims about in his tank supplying visual accompaniment not unlike a go-go dancer. He often backs up his cohorts' ill-tempered antics by spitting water in someone's face.

Stanley Weasel on guitar (performed by Jerry Nelson)
Stanley Weasel is the guitar player and singer for the Riverbottom Nightmare Band.

Fred Lizard on drums (performed by Richard Hunt)
Fred Lizard plays the drums in the Riverbottom Nightmare Band.

Howard Snake on bass (performed by Jim Henson)
Howard Snake is the bass player of the Riverbottom Nightmare Band.

Lyrics to "River Bottom Nightmare Band" by The River Bottom Nightmare Band

We take what we want
We do anything that we wish
We got no respect
For animal birdy or fish

The grass does not grow
On the places where we stop and stand
River Bottom Nightmare Band

We know we're a mess
But I does not like to be clean
We don't brush our teeth
'Cause our toothache can help us stay mean

We don't wish to learn
But we hate what we don't understand
River Bottom

When you see us comin'
You better startin' runnin'
We're always startin' trouble
And we're happiest when things are outta hand

Rivers are for boilin'
Parties are for spoilin'
We either like to sit and pout
Or else go out and terrorize our land
River Bottom Nightmare Band

We laugh in your face
Or we practice our growl and our sneer
We break up your place
We are dangerous when we are near

And when we are done with our song
Who will get the biggest hand?
River Bottom Nightmare Band!
River Bottom Nightmare Band!

Riverbottom Nightmare Band - The Riverbottom Nightmare Band (MP3)

August 2, 2011

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