February 8, 2011

Ozzy Osbourne & Dr. Ruth Westheimer!

Amazing footage of Ozzy Osborne and Dr. Ruth Westheimer as they enthusiastically co-host "Friday Night Videos", a late night music video show from back in the golden year of 1986. You can see that Dr. Ruth and Ozzy are just vibing off of each other. Efforltlessly riffing ideas, back and forth.. a veritable ping-pong game of wry wit. There's an electricity in the air that is only fully realized when two charismatic icons such as these, choose grace us with their insight and utter genius.

Friday Night Videos (wikipedia)

So Hot!!

Appearing next week: Ted Danson & Howie Mandel! POSERS!

"Dee Peeeniz in dee anoos"!


Nu Shooz (YouTube)

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