February 24, 2011

The Love Boat of Hate! Sonny Bono is DEACON DARK!

Deacon Dark, played by s Sonny Bono on The Love Boat, Season 2 Episode 25.

In ''Sounds of Silence," Phil Backstrom aka Deacon Dark aka Sonny Bono, performs hard rock music, in garish makeup and attire. This episode of The Love Boat first aired on Saturday March 17th, 1979.

Here he is! A superstar! The demented! The dangerous! The disgusting! Deacon Dark! Best known for his hit songs "Smash It", "Screaming Voodoo Devil Boogie Woman" and "Step, Step, Step On Toads"

Sonny Bono Flips Out!

Sonny Bono Anti-Drug PSA

Part 2 - Part 3

The definitive online Deacon Dark resource is found at The Deacon Dark Fan Page on Facebook! You will find tons of info, including Deacon Dark trading cards, fan club info, and loads of pics of The Deacon aboard the Pacific Princess!

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