March 2, 2010

Links of Cold Steel!

Disabled AC/DC fan impaled in mosh pit

New Burzum release proceeds to aid Haitian earthquake victims

70,000 Tons of Metal - The headbangers cruise. Shit floats!

Slayer and Stryper swap singers for new Reality Show.
According to Kerry King, guitarist, for Slayer, the band plans to “Show no mercy” towards Michael Sweet, singer for Stryper.
“We’re going to force evil down his goddamn throat. We’re going to make him feel pain like he’s never felt before. We’re going to get him wasted, laid and leave him on the side of the railroad tracks with nothing on but a leaf to cover his genitals. Of course, that’s after we allow all the wild animals to take bites out of him, giving him rabies and causing him to suffer greatly.”

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