April 1, 2010

Hevisaurus - My New Favorite Metal Band

You can thank bands like Gwar, Slipknot, Kiss, Coq Roq, and every Black Metal band for Hevisaurus. Rumored band members include (former?) members of Dio's band and Sonata Arctica(?) Consider this a Heavy Metal version of Hip Hop Harry. I imagine that the band that recorded the music does not actually get into these sweaty smelly rubber suits and play to the kids. I'm sure that these are amusement park actors and/or furry fetishists, hired for scale wages.... Whoa! Strike that last statement! I see in one of the photos below, that the guitar players fingers are poking out of his/her costume! Here is their MySpace Page, but I can not figure out how to "friend" these fuckers!

Hey kid! Did ya know I used to be in "DIO" ?

Throw up the HORNS!

Praise Set!

Can you see the "Godzilla Screens" in their necks? I can.

"Any one here over 18? ... anyone?", "...pssst... MILF at 2 o'Clock!"


Jesus Christ! He's shredding!

Isn't this just KISS "Heaven's on Fire"?

The Creepy Metal Ballad...

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